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Converge is also the management company of our medical education division CARE. CARE started out in resident education with oncologists over 12 years ago. Over the years, we grew into much more than just a resident education company and are recognized as a trusted partner across health care and pharmaceuticals. 



Established in 2006, CARE™ (Community, Academic, Research, Education) brings together a community of Canadian healthcare professionals, including academic and community specialists, physicians, residents, nurses, aHCPs and patients.

The CARE™ Faculty is comprised of key thought leaders 
from across Canada representing a number of therapeutic areas. 

CARE™ Faculty members meet to examine data and share opinions on the state of care, as well as facilitate initiatives at conferences and events throughout the year. 

CARE™ initiatives aim to educate healthcare professionals by providing updates on relevant medical advancements, framed from a Canadian perspective.


Services offered through CARE

  • Event Planning and Management
  • Clinical Papers
  • Needs Assessments
  • Accredited Programs
  • Working Groups
  • Guidance/Algorithm
  • Abstract Submission
  • Consultancy Meetings
  • Social Media/Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Medical Writing

Our Approach: 

We build relationships with our audience.
As a trusted, physician-led organization, CARE has built relationships with their audience through an informed understanding of their behavioural attitudes.

Education efforts are informed by over 12+ years
of delivering complex education events involving multiple stakeholders; many with differing goals. Multiple touch points are required along the way to keep all participants aligned to plan and support program outcome(s).

CARE™ continues to evolve, reflecting the changing Canadian healthcare landscape.
Content is framed from a Canadian perspective and informed by Canadian realities in terms of medical evidence, regional access, systemic considerations, hospital protocol/processes, as well as physician and patient needs.